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Innovate The ways You hire, develop, and retain Talent

In 2020 the world of work was changed forever. Businesses had to adapt at-scale to workforce changes that fundamentally altered the way they operate, from an organizational level, to the team level, down to the individuals. In many ways, especially the shift to remote work, these changes are still evolving, and leaders are feeling the pain.

What’s troubling today’s managers and executives is this concept of “The Great Resignation” that began late-2021. With Fire Your Hiring Habits! IPC President & CEO Dr. John W. Mitchell takes a different view of the modern workforce, one that is human-centric in all its considerations. Centrally, John reframes The Great Resignation as a Great Reprioritization on the part of workers, and a perhaps more importantly, a Great Reimagining for leaders, noting that employers are missing the key factors that motivate good people to stay, and the reasons why they leave in today’s business environment.

“With forward-thinking ideas, innovation—and a Great Reimagining of how we support and grow our employees as people—we can confront the unique challenges of this twenty-first century workforce,” John explains. “We’ve come a long way since humans first industrialized, since our great-grandparents and grandparents punched a time clock, since the world was made smaller by the technology that connects us all, but larger in terms of possibility and change. The time has come to match those exponential changes with complementary metamorphosis in how we do things and in how we support our greatest asset: the people who choose to work for us.”

With a timely message informed by John’s own leadership experience and expertise, Fire Your Hiring Habits! is a must read for leaders who are anxious about the future of their workforce. John’s calming insights and practical steps for improvement will help any willing organization attract and retain great people now and well into the future.


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