Dr. John W. Mitchell

President & CEO of IPC
Author / Speaker

Dr. Mitchell has made it his mission to bring innovative and original systems and frameworks to hiring, developing, and retaining talent. A big-picture thinker who routinely works with global leaders from more than 3,000 companies worldwide, he insists that investing in personnel is the global differentiator for companies.  

An action-oriented thought leader with unique insight into the state of the global electronics manufacturing industry from a business, engineering, and educational perspective, Dr. Mitchell likes to solve problems – however impossible they seem.

In his new book, Fire Your Hiring Habits, Dr. Mitchell reframes The Great Resignation as a Great Reprioritization on the part of workers and notes that for leaders, a Great Reimagining of the workplace is required. He shares proven techniques and information that help leaders find and retain the best talent in this new world of work.  Sharing concepts from his book along with sources from his wide international experience, Dr. Mitchell provides practical, actionable insights and critical knowledge leaders can implement immediately. Focusing on a diverse and multigenerational workforce and embracing inclusivity and a willingness to make cultural shifts increases productivity, unlocks innovation, and drives growth. Dr. Mitchell shares inspiring stories of companies and organizations that have adapted to fundamental workforce changes by focusing on what matters most – the human beings they hired. Proceeds from Fire Your Hiring Habits will go to the IPC Education Foundation (IPCEF) to help build the workforce of the future.

According to Dr. Mitchell, how we structure our organizations, how we acquire talent, and how we interact with staff will determine the long-term viability of our companies. Fortunately, Dr. Mitchell has the answers to the toughest issues facing the industry. Comfortable speaking to large crowds of executives or workplace neophytes, he provides the solutions needed to take on the challenges of building a workplace in a rapidly changing landscape. Under his leadership, he has changed the workplace culture in each organization where he has served, leading his staff to embrace the impact that education can make on an individual’s life as well as on society.

Dedicated to education in all its forms, Dr. Mitchell is a sought-after speaker on various stages and at STEM events in the manufacturing arena.  Dr. Mitchell engages audiences with stories and anecdotes while providing usable, practical advice on how leaders can make the right choices to attract, engage, and retain a workforce of the future.

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